Meet Tylisha. As known as Tylisha ‘the Terror ‘ Turner.

Tylisha is kickboxing champion. She has been training martial arts for 6 years. In her early stages of her journey she completed in karate. She competed at state, national and international levels. Tylisha has been selected for 2 Australian Team. First one being selected for the ISKA Australian team representing Australia in America back in 2015 winning 2 world titles. That same year being selected for the WAKF Australian team representing Australia in New Zealand winning a bronze metal.

The next year Tylisha was selected for the AKF state team to complete against the best in Australia winning a gold in her individual event and a sliver in the team event. Later on in her journey Tylisha developed a stronger passion for kickboxing. She’s had 16 fight with only 4 losses. She holds 2x Australian titles and 2x South Pacific titles. Tylisha’s goal is to become a world champion.

Outside of the ring Tylisha is studying to become a Pt as she has a passion with health and fitness. Tylisha also has a mindset as a professional. She loves to encourage people to chase there dreams.