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ALPHA MASS is formulated with an optimised Protein/Carb/Fat ratio for faster muscular growth and gains; more strength and longer lasting energy; and improved post-workout recovery.

ALPHA MASS combines multiple high energy carbohydrates (waxy maize, dextrins, dextrose) with pro-anabolic energy fats (MCTs) and Amino-boosted Whey proteins (WPC, WPI, Hydrolysed WPI, Glutamine, BCAAs and Micellar Casein) for a complete rapid muscle-growth experience, and sustained amino-acid delivery over longer periods of time.

ALPHA MASS also includes the power generating amino acid, Creatine, to enable massively increased output, muscle strength and performance.


 ●  2g CREATINE MONOHYDRATE per serve for added power and output

 ●  Over 28g PROTEIN per serve

 ●  RAPI-GAIN Whey Protein System for sustained amino-acid delivery

 ●  Multi-phase ENERGY matrix for added output and stamina

 ●  Added GLUTAMINE and BCAA to preserve muscle and boost the
     immune system