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MOJO is not a fat burner. It is SO much more.
It was designed as the ultimate dieting tool to assist every dieting hurdle the world can create! Say CYA LATER to bloat, water retention and pesky hunger cravings.

Say DOOOOIN THERE to euphoric energy and fat shredding effects like you have never seen before!


  • 1:1 Caffeine + Theanine ratio | This even ratio between these two ingredients allows for smoother uplift, better focus and no anxiety that can potentially come with caffeine
  • (“That feeling you get after an early morning coffee and beach swim on a nice day. Yeah…. That feeling”)
  • 1000mg of L-Tyrosine | A powerful dopamine pre curser which when used in conjunction with the caffeine + theanine combo give and unrivalled mood boost and uplifting feeling.
  • (“That feeling when your nan slips ya a back handed 50er in front of your siblings”)
  • 300mg diuretic complex – (100mg Dandelion root, 100mg Juniper berry, 100mg Uvi Ursi) | These strong natural diuretics will help rid the body of unnecessary extra cellular water retention allowing a more consistent tight look (“Imagine waking up after a complete Larry Emdur and still looking tight AF rather than like melted ice cream”)
  • Chromium – Chromium will dramatically suppress appetite while simultaneously subsiding the want for sugary foods by stabilising blood sugar levels. (“No Tracey, I will not have fries with that” 

  • Grains of Paradise – This ingredient will convert white stubborn fats into brown usable fats. In short this means the potential for lessening fat deposits from hard to loose areas, is dramatically increased.
  • (“I can’t loose the lower stomach fat?! – Ya can now champos”)
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